About the LFOMC

Founded in 2005, the Latino Festival of Monmouth County (LFOMC) is one of New Jersey’s most popular and influential ambassadors of Latin American culture. The LFOMC annually reaches over 5,000 audience members across the state.

The LFOMC will celebrate its 16th Anniversary Season on September 18, 2021, placing the Festival and its sponsors at the forefront of public awareness

Our mission: Select one special day out of the year to recognize our Latino heritage and pride. The Latino Festival of Monmouth County [LFOMC] seeks to celebrate and educate about our rich diversity and history. It is a celebration of who we are, and what we have contributed. A mission accomplished for more than a decade.

The LFOMC is an outgrowth of the organizing efforts of the Latino Alliance of Monmouth County. The Festival is a powerful venue that educates and empowers the community.

We hope you join our LFOMC family!

16th Edition